Tech Mesh London 2012

David Craelius, CTO of Klarna

David Craelius

Biography: David Craelius

David has been working within the financial sector building core systems for online trading, banking and card processing the last twelve years. He was introduced to Erlang in 2006 and has been in love ever since. David became the CTO of Klarna, a fast growing Erlang based payments company in January 2011.

Presentation: Eventual Consistency ftw.

Track: Finance & Banking / Time: Wednesday 14:10 - 15:00 / Location: Benjamin's

Leapfrog:ing online payments utilizing eventual consistency and functional programming.  When battling technical debt, a fast growing business in a rapidly changing market, mainstream technologies are not always the way to go. Klarna was founded in 2006 and has migrated from a pay me later service to become a bank. It services millions of customers who get their good before paying, and is handling the payments of over 15,000 e-commerce sites. In his talk, David will share his view of alternative technologies when developing mission critical systems. 
Talk objectives: Share our view of the future within mission critical 24/7 systems.
Target audience: Anyone interested in the c lvl perspective of alternative tech