Tech Mesh London 2012

Presentation: "100% Big Data. 0% Hadoop. 0% Java."

Track: Next Generation Analytics / Time: Wednesday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Library

"If your data is big enough, Hadoop it!" That's simply not true - there is much more behind this term than just a tool. In this talk I will show one possible, practically working approach and the corresponding selection of tools that help collect, mine, move around, store and provision large, unstructured data amounts. Completely without Hadoop. And even completely without Java.

Talk objectives: Show how continuous analytics of large amounts of random data can be done without Hadoop, Java and corresponding tools.

Target audience: Developers, Architects, Managers, Project leads, geeks

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Pavlo Baron, Fighter of huge amounts of chaotic data, mostly using computer science

Pavlo Baron

Biography: Pavlo Baron

Pavlo Baron is the lead architect with codecentric AG. Starting his IT life 20 years ago by implementing a bunch of printer drivers for MS-DOS in C and x86 Assembly, he has gained knowledge of and put in to practice a wide variety of technologies. His first Erlang experience dates back to 2005, as he evaluated a reliable technology for parallel/distributed execution of a proprietary sequential calculation engine written in C++. Pavlo's passion is hacking code and playing with distributed systems and large data sets. In many cases, he would choose Erlang/OTP over some other well known, so called enterprise adopted technologies. Pavlo is frequent conference speaker and has written three German books: "Erlang/OTP", "Pragmatic IT Architecture" and "Fragile Agile".