Tech Mesh London 2012

Presentation: "The Disruptor, Now, Next and the Future"

Track: Scalability & Multicore / Time: Tuesday 14:25 - 15:15 / Location: Benjamin's

This talk will start with a little bit of the history and motivations behind building the Disruptor and some of it's current problems.  Then by doing a whistle-stop tour through non-blocking concurrency in Java it cover the changes coming into version 3.0 and how it will address some of the aforementioned issues.  This includes lifting the covers on the how some of the important concurrency primitives in Java are implemented on Intel x86.  Lastly we'll focus on asynchronous event systems (e.g. CSP, Actors, Disruptor, Queues, etc.) in general and how changes in the JVM and hardware could help to build the ultimate eventing system.
Talk objectives:
- Provide a greater understanding of non-blocking concurrency on the JVM.
- Shed some light on the internals of the Disruptor.
- Challenge attendees to think about the possibilities of what could be achieved on modern hardware.
Target audience: Those who are interested in performance, concurrency and low-level technical details.

Michael Barker, Lead developer at London Multi-Asset eXchange (LMAX)

Michael Barker

Biography: Michael Barker

Michael Barker is the head of software at LMAX where he is involved in building a high-performance financial exchange. A minor contributor to a number of open source projects (Mono, JBoss, PostgreSQL), he is the project lead and co-founder of the Disruptor inter-thread messaging library (a Duke's award winner).  He is fascinated with modern hardware and understanding how we can best use it to build faster and more efficient software. 

Michael's blog and twitter