Tech Mesh London 2012

Presentation: "Erlang and OpenFlow: A Match Made in the Cloud!"

Track: Scalability & Multicore / Time: Tuesday 10:35 - 11:25 / Location: Benjamin's

How our view of networking must evolve to address the multi-core crisis!

I'll be describing LINC: an Open Source OpenFlow switching platform developed in Erlang, intended for use with the OTP. I will also introduce OpenFlow, the Open Network Foundation, and the community around LINC called

Talk objectives: Spark debate and interest in solving networking challenges in ultra-scale computing platforms like Erlang/OTP and Scala/AKKA.

Target audience: The Erlang/OTP community and emerging ultra-scale computing enthusiasts.

Stuart Bailey, A CTO of Infoblox and just a regular guy from Chicago

Stuart Bailey

Biography: Stuart Bailey

Stuart defines Infoblox's technology vision. Before founding Infoblox in 1999, Stuart held a five-year stint as technical lead for the Laboratory for Advanced Computing/National Center for Data Mining at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he led teams in developing advanced distributed data architectures. He is an Erlang enthusiast driving a vision for an Erlang based OpenFlow switching platform to help inspire networking improvements in the OTP and other large scale distributed systems.